The best way to stay in touch

As I said, you've got SIX SECONDS to capture them and move them forward. A good newsletter, delivered on a regular basis, online or off, can do just that!

The exponential growth of the internet has put your company in the position of competing with everyone. Even local businesses are now competing on a regional, and sometimes statewide basis.

In an effort to be "heard above the crowd," many businesses simply try to talk louder. The result is an uproar that leaves prospects dazed and confused.

There's a way to avoid that. It's called "permission-based marketing."

  • You know your customer base better than anyone.

  • You know what information would be valuable to them in making their purchasing decisions.

  • And you also know how to find that information and deliver it to them.

So, send them an email with your current newsletter. If they see the value (as I know they will), ask them to sign up for a free subscription.

Relevant, timely, and valuable information builds

  • Trust

  • Credibility, and

  • Brand loyalty

Once a month, or twice a month, you have the opportunity they have have given you to

  • Inform

  • Educate, and

  • Engage

When it comes time to buy, who are they going to call?



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